Organizational Chart

PT Maybank Asset Management (Maybank AM)

Organizational Chart PTMAM

Board of Directors and employees who acquire The Investment Manager Representative License:

No. Nama No. Izin Wakil Manajer Investasi (WMI)
1 Denny R. Thaher KEP-70/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
2 Like Kaawoan KEP-77/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
3 Raja Edham Zulkarnaen KEP-72/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
4 Yuriko W. KEP-71/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
5 Merliantina KEP-123/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
6 Joko S. KEP-125/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
7 Ivan C. KEP-134/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
8 Triwira T. KEP-10/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2017
9 Richard N. KEP-107/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
10 Zaki A. KEP-93/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
11 Lusi A. KEP-25/PM.21/PJ-WMI/2018
12 Budi H. KEP-124/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
13 Irham G. KEP-549/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
14 Ericka Q. KEP-105/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
15 Francisca G. KEP-170/PM.211/PJ-WMI/2018
16 Endang W. KEP-23/PM.21/PJ-WMI/2018
17 Yoga P. KEP-21/PM.211/WMI/2017
18 M. Radian KEP-183/PM.211/WMI/2017
19 Nuning N. KEP-170/PM.211/WMI/2015
20 Agustina E.N. KEP-103/PM.211/WMI/2019













Committee/Supporting Unit:

  • Investment Committee
  • Sharia Advisors
  • Executive Risk Committee (ERC)
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